QFC: Business As Usual

5 Jul 2017

Qatar Financial Centre Chief Executive Officer Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida met with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar, Ajay Sharma to discuss the current regional situation and its effect on UK firms incorporated at the QFC. 

During the meeting, Al-Jaida reaffirmed that business remains as usual for all QFC firms, and reiterated his confidence of continued growth. The two also exchanged ideas on how the current regional situation has the potential to act as a catalyst for a stronger economic vision post-crisis.

"Our entity was established to support Qatar's agenda to diversify the economy and we remain focused on achieving this goal, regardless of regional developments. Business will continue as usual at the QFC, and we will not be deterred from our growth objectives and plans," said Al-Jaida. He added: "Qatar and the UK's bilateral relations will continue to grow. This has been made evident by Qatar's recent announcement to invest GBP 5bn in the UK over the next three to five years and the QFC will continue to facilitate access for UK firms looking to expand their business to Qatar to tap into the multi-billion dollar investment opportunities."

Al-Jaida indicated that there are countless opportunities for UK firms in QFC's key growth sectors, which include transportation, healthcare, sports and tourism.

Every challenge presents opportunities, and we remain just as confident and committed to our capabilities to attract FDI;

Qatar Financial Centre Chief Executive Officer Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida

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