QFC Hosts Roundtable to Explore Growth Opportunities in Financial Sector

2 Oct 2019

Doha, Qatar

The Qatar Financial Centre, one of the world's leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, hosted an event entitled, "Economist Roundtable: Prospects for Qatar's Financial Sector". The event convened leaders and experts from Qatar's bankingcommunity to discuss the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of Qatar's capital markets and financial sector.


The Economist Roundtable comprised of presentations from the Ministry of Finance, Brookings Doha and the Qatar Financial Centre centered on Qatar's financial sector including its unique characteristics and relative standing against regional and international comparators, which honed in on available opportunities to strengthen the sector's competitiveness. 


Based on data from United Nations' Statistics Division presented during the event, productivity of Qatar's financial sector is comparatively high and increasing, which raises the prospect for investing strategically in a range of products, services and systems to ensure competitive international positioning.  


Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer, QFC, said

Qatar's economy has witnessed stable growth and the financial sector has been a significant contributor to this development. As the economy expands and diversifies, so would the demand for innovative products and services. Meeting these demands is imperative in strengthening the sector's productivity and competitive advantage.

Al-Jaida added: "With a commitment to support and diversify Qatar's economy, the QFC is pleased to have organised this event which has proven to be an excellent platform in identifying different avenues to further develop Qatar's capital markets and financial sector and ensure its sustainable growth." 

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